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All-Inclusive Sobriety Hiking Retreats

Elevate your sober vibe.

Picture laughing and having a blast with other sober women.

Picture hiking that peak and the exhilaration you receive making it to the top together.

Picture feeling more comfortable, secure and confident in your sobriety.

Picture making connections and memories of a lifetime.

It's Picture Perfect. LFG!! 



October 13-16, 2022

The majestic Yosemite National Park will be putting on her show for Brave's upcoming Fall Retreat.


Brave's Signature Sobriety Hiking Retreat is all-inclusive, focusing on personal growth, connection and increased confidence in sobriety.  

Yosemite's retreat accommodations feature an amazing 3200 square foot log cabin home set on 3 acres of beautiful land with abundant space for restoration and connection. Dinners are prepared by a private chef and top notch attention will be paid to the finest details. Rooms are shared. 

Arrive at the retreat home on Thursday evening for a welcome party! You will be greeted with huge smiles and mocktails. The vibe is chill, fun and welcoming.

Reserve your spot for Yosemite

$1650 per person

References available from previous retreat guests.

Yosemite Retreat Itinerary

Day 1:                                                                                   Day 3:

4 p welcome party                                                               6-7 a continental breakfast

6 p dinner with private chef                                              7 a depart for Yosemite National Park

8 p fireside sharing circle                                                  2 p private event TBD

​                                                                                                4-6 p yoga vs restoration

Day 2:                                                                                   6 p dinner with private chef

6-7 a continental breakfast                                                8 p fireside sharing circle

7 a depart for Yosemite National Park

2 p private excursion to Yosemite Valley & Falls            Day 4:

4-6 p yoga vs restoration                                                     7 a retreat reflections

6 p dinner with private chef                                               8 a closing breakfast

8 p fireside release                                                               11 a farewells & depart

Elevate your sober vibe.