My Story

Highly functional professional mom

In April 2016, I found myself at a major crossroads. As a full-time working Nurse Practitioner, wife and mother of 2 young children, I found myself addicted to alcohol. I simply could not stop. I knew with every ounce of my being that I couldn't do it alone. I knew this because I had already tried and exhausted every other option. I had to ask for help. 

You can ask for help too. 

When I entered sobriety I was filled with so. much. shame. It took me years to work through my shame and deal with the stigma. During those early years I made a promise to myself that once I could, I would help others to own their sobriety sooner than I did. 

No more shame or stigma.

As my sobriety continued to grow, I started mentoring others and began getting confident in my own skin. Although I wasn't looking for another profession, Professional Recovery Coaching found me. It was a perfect match. The highly spirited Nurse Practitioner recovery cheerleader turned Coach! The idea for Brave simply fell right into place where it had been from the very beginning. xo

Embrace, be empowered and confidently OWN your sobriety. 


Elevate the Sober Vibe

"The concept behind the work is to continuously elevate the sober vibe."