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Hyping up the sober community
Chicago AF

Chicago AF is a non-profit sober community in the Chicago area which I founded in October 2020. This group started with a few women meeting up on zoom during the pandemic and has since grown into its own special diverse community in Chicago and beyond. 

Chicago AF strives to provide a welcoming, inclusive and supportive space for all individuals to connect and socialize alcohol free.

Chicago AF hosts weekly recovery meetings on Mondays 7 pm CST and monthly alcohol free social events. 

Everyone is most welcome. There are no membership fees.

Drop your e-mail at if you would like to be on our mailing list.

Follow along on Instagram @chicagoafcommunnity



Weekly Chicago AF Zoom Meetings

Monthly Chicago AF Social Events


Chicago AF Mentor Program

Chicago AF is an entirely volunteer based and intentionally inclusive sober community.
All are warmly invited and welcome. 

Please reach out if you would like help launching your own AF community.

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Elevate the sober vibe
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