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Hey There

Hi! My name is Carrie and I am so glad you are here. Warmest welcome!

The fact that you are reading this means you are probably thinking about changing your relationship with alcohol. That's a big deal. Props to you. Making the decision to stop drinking was the hardest thing I ever did. Well, except for the work that came afterwards. I understand to my core where you are right now because I have been in your shoes. My most important advice

to everyone entering sobriety is that you cannot do it alone.

My story

In April 2016, I found myself at a major crossroads in my life. Either stop drinking or lose my marriage. True story. It's cliché but I was the highly functional wine mom. The PTA social chair, neighborhood president, full-time working nurse practitioner, wife and mother of 2 young children. Somewhere along the way,  I found myself completely addicted to alcohol. It was insidious. One day I was drinking 'normally' and then I was not. 

When I think back, I remember wanting to fit in with the soccer moms after we had moved a town over (Seriously.)  It became a little more anxiety here, a little more wine there.

My husband tried to talk to me but I changed the subject. I knew. He continued to try to talk to me about my increased drinking, but I would not talk about it. I knew. 

I tried to moderate but I could not. I tried all the rules. Only 2 drinks, no drinking during the week, only on special occasions. Moderation and I were not compatible. My drinking came to a hard stop on April 3, 2016. My husband had had enough. I knew I couldn't do it alone as I had already exhausted every other measure. I literally threw my hands in the air and said 'take me in'. 

When I entered sobriety I was filled with so. much. shame. I could not *deal* with the stigma surrounding addiction. It took me years to work through my shame, mom guilt and perfectionist 'failure'. During early recovery I made a promise to myself that once I could, I would help others embrace, thrive and confidently OWN their sobriety sooner than I did. That is exactly what has happened. Insert Brave. xo

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