Brave Retreats
The inspiration, the event, the transformation

You go up the mountain as strangers, you come down having made life long friends.

Why hike?

The idea for Brave Retreats came about from hiking with a friend early in her sobriety in 2021. We had just met each other a couple months before we randomly decided to take a trip together to Sedona. The ease with which we connected and shared our stories while hiking was so powerful that I just couldn't stop thinking about it. A spark was lit.


What is so special about hiking? Hiking removes barriers that otherwise limit us in forming connections. The physical act of walking side by side or in a line decreases social anxiety. Hiking unplugs you to be fully present in the moment. It removes age gaps, commitments, work, family and the overall daily grind. You have a common goal with the others in your group and you work together to achieve it. Just like sobriety. 

Brave's first retreat was held in Asheville, North Carolina, in October 2021. Ten brave women from the United States and Canada met up in a chic styled farm house and spent an amazing long weekend together. We hiked the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, backpack lunched on the vistas, were pampered by a private chef, practiced outdoor yoga, went Kombucha tasting, bonded fireside and made connections of a lifetime. 

Brave's retreats are kept small intentionally, typically 10-12 women. The goal is to create space in the most magnificent destinations to really connect and transform in a way that you didn't know was possible.  xo